Community members are called to support BitShares today by voting for BTS core token on the exchange. The link is on the first slider on their homepage, but you’ll need an account in order to vote. Setting one up is simple with just an email address. If successful, we could see the exciting prospect of an exchange which already lists BTS core token, participating in our community. homepage slider announcing voting
Pic: homepage

From their website:

Announcement : Join XT in the “First Group Trading Launch Voting”

[sic] ” Dear XTers:

As the world’s first community-based digital trading platform, in order to provide users with more investment targets and help users find value cryptocurrencies, will hold the “First Group Trading Launch Voting” event at 10:00 on January 10, 2020, entering a new era of trading with millions of community users. The voting items of this activity are BTS, ETC, ADA, DASH, and XLM. According to the user’s voting results, the first project currency will enjoy XT the service fee free group transaction customization! Users who participate in the voting will also receive airdropped USDT as gift from XT exchange, the sponsor of this event!
Event details:

Thank you for your support and trust. Global Operation Team
January 9, 2020


Note there is also a USDT airdrop also for participation. To vote, you will need an account name – Here’s an (affiliate) invitation. Vote for BTS on today!