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Category: BitShares


BitShares Magazine: GOKHSHTEIN & FortuneJack

BitShares Severely Underrated? (March 2019) Presented with their own graphics design and layout, Gokhshtein made a comprehensive review piece on BitShares in a magazine format. Available as a standalone print supplement, it is therefore ideal as a handout for example at conferences and expos. Questions were written by the Gokhshtein…


BitShares Core 3.0 Released

Introduction Below is a transcript from GitHub detailing the information on this major release upgrade to the BitShares core 3.0 software release. Keep up to date with essential updates and when to upgrade notices on the BitShares News homepage. What’s New Release Numbering: We changed the versioning of the Core… 2019-2021. BitShares, and any associated logos are trademarks, service marks, and/or registered trademarks of Move Institute, Slovenia.