The ERC-20 Tether token (USDT) is now listed on the Deex Exchange. Traders on the main decentralized ecosystem have long been able to trade with the OMNI Tether, so the appearance of a new digital asset is a logical continuation of the expansion of the Exchange’s functionality with the stablecoins addition.

Initially, Tether issued tokens on the Omni Layer platform, but later, to increase the speed of transactions and reduce the commission fees it was decided to issue coins based on Ethereum platform. So USDT got two separate chains, one is on the OMNI and one on the ERC-20.

Tether logo

Each USDT token is backed by 1-1 in US dollars held in reserve by Tether Limited company. 1 USDT is always equal to $1. In addition to low volatility one of the main useful properties of stablecoins is the absence of the need for price calculations in other digital units. Stablecoins have all the advantages of other cryptocurrencies. Among them are the cryptographic security, decentralization and transparency.