DEEX is pleased to announce the listing of the BEOS token. BEOS is a privately funded blockchain, a straight clone of EOS intended to serve as a middle chain between BitShares and the EOS main chain. Its goals are token portability and jurisdictional agility. It does these functions without requiring any modifications to or cooperation from either BitShares or EOS communities, neither of which are involved in its development.

BEOS tokens serve the same functions as the EOS token on the EOS main chain – giving holders voting and access privileges to network resources. One of the main founders of this project is Stan Larimer, father of Dan, who was an original BitShares team member/founder and one of the original authors of the code.

BEOS seek to develop a new kind of censorship resistance by designing the blockchain to be “intra-jurisdictional” (confined to one jurisdiction) and ultimately “jurisdictionally agile” (able to control which operations take place in explicitly designated jurisdictions).

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