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Tag: legal


“BitShares Enterprises” active in Cambodia

Following up on previous business updates from Twitter and in community chats (Telegram). BitShares Management Group firstly are pleased to announce the successful approval and registration of BitShares Enterprises Co LTD in Cambodia. The reason behind launching this entity is because there exists a fabulous opportunity arising from our activities…

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[Trademark Initiative] Streamlining social media

BitShares needs to streamline its branding and social media appearance across the globe to strengthen its reputation and create a unified and seamless branding experience and outreach for on-boarding businesses. Abuse, non-consensus use, or unauthorized use of the BitShares name and logo in general has done more harm than good…

BitShares - Trademark since 17th Jan 2020

BitShares – Trademark since 2020

Significant for being one of very few blockchains out there to acquire a trademark, BitShares is once again pioneering. As of 2020, key BitShares community members and BTS core token holders have an interest to setup building blocks that can elevate the legal and regulator-friendly status of BitShares. This extends… 2019-2021. BitShares, and any associated logos are trademarks, service marks, and/or registered trademarks of Move Institute, Slovenia.