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Tag: development

StakeBTS 2.1 title image

StakeBTS 2.1 Update and Release Notes

by BitShares Management Group As promised a month ago in first announcement of bugs and updates that we will perform, StakeBTS bot update came with much more changes than we originally planned. We’ve compiled the essential highlights for you in the below, while full and very detailed readme for this…


Binance X BitShares AMA – Recap

Great Visibility for BitShares – the World’s First “DeFi” blockchain On the 17th December participated in an AMA (‘Ask Me Anything’) online chat session with the Binance community on Telegram. With 149,490 members, Telegram group of the Binance Exchange is one of the largest and most visible crypto/blockchain communities…

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How To Use AMM – The Liquidity Pool

If you didn’t know already, BitShares recently added the AMM liquidity pool (automated market making and swap) features to the BitShares blockchain core software. Today we are lucky enough to have long standing community contributor Brendan Jensen (@iamredbar), releasing a YouTube video about the ‘PoolTool’ – a software he wrote…

BitShares development

Part 1/3: Order Matching Engine Requirements

Dev’s corner is a new section of BitShares News where developers involved with the BitShares project post technical related briefs and observations. As an academic exercise, I wanted to take on building a order matching engine in C++. The purpose here is to iterate through the process of measuring and…

BitShares Improvement Proposals poster art

BitShares Improvement Proposals

Introduction BitShares Improvement Proposals and Polls (or BSIPs) are a sub-category of workers. They mostly put forward new design ideas, features, or logic enhancements for the BitShares blockchain. Beside regular ‘Workers’, core token holders are required to explore and vote on them, or in some cases, even write BSIPs personally….

BitShares UI

BitShares UI – Worker Review

This review of the BitShares UI worker is part of a series of articles delving into major BitShares workers. For a more in-depth understanding of what it means when we say ‘worker’, please see the separate article ‘How workers work’ … (Coming Soon) – Until then, you can also read…

US Blockchain Interview: Ryan R. Fox

2019 BitShares Core Team Proposal

BitShares Core Development Team just released their 2019 Proposal with a total budget of up to $1,386,406 (¥9,358,220). In order to understand more about the next steps for BitShares in 2019, we interviewed Ryan R. Fox, BitShares Core Team Development Coordinator. Interviewer: U.S. Blockchain, a blockchain marketing & public relations agency… 2019-2021. BitShares, and any associated logos are trademarks, service marks, and/or registered trademarks of Move Institute, Slovenia.