Lets have a look at BitShares trading stats on the markets for the day.

Total volume in 24h and supply details:

The numbers appear high, but let’s check how this looks between exchanges:

BitShares trading stats cmc

Top 10 exchanges by volume with the most liquidity, show ZB and Binance pretty much run the show. We also have a nice spot of Huobi Global and others doing some trades, however they are still less than ZB and Binance combined. China spots appear to hold most of the trading volume on BTS right now. Much of the low DEX activity is due to already low gateway volumes, and some gateway closures already in 2020. Until the new gateways fees and upcoming core release appear, there is not much left to be seen in terms of volumes/activity on the DEX itself.


At this point until the 4.0 release of BitShares, trading stats are the most concentrated on 3rd party high volume exchanges. The DEXes only need checking occasionally, as they have 24hr volumes under 2 BTC at this time.