Welcome to BitShares Radio!

Bought to you by the team behind the BitShares.Org website worker, comes BitShares Radio – a new place for filling your ears, mind and soul with an endless stream of music, live hangouts, interviews, and more from the community of BitShares!

What’s the plan for BitShares Radio?

Much like the ‘community radio’ stations of old school analogue times, BitShares Radio is a radio station for the BitShares blockchain community. First up, it’s a place any member of the public can quickly tune-in. They might grab a live talk show or hangout being streamed, or BitShares related adverts, jingles … or just cool music.

At some point in the future and with community participation, it would be a goal to introduce scheduled and publicized shows. This of course includes a re-introduction of the BitShares hangouts to start things. Next step will be to put up a managed schedule of shows for BitShares Radio on News.BitShares.Org.

Tech Specs

Debian 9 “Stretch”. #IOHO (in our honest opinion) a very hardy, reliable and capable operating system.
Intel CPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, running on a trusted VPS provider with plenty of bandwidth.

Debian Linux logo

More on the Back End technology

The server is running IceCast2 streaming software which performs the task of broadcasting the incoming streams it has been setup for. You will currently hear endless music, powered by another app called EzStream. We can use several more types of software on top of IceCast2 to broadcast a stream from any of you.

IceCast server interface

Screenshot of the IceCast2 web admin panel

As the station builds content and listeners, we shall monitor performance. It is quite simple to add a few ‘relay’ servers on the Internet if we see more visits in particular locations. IceCast2 provides the functionality, therefore we can distribute and load balance the broadcasting in a cost effective way, by using small VPS servers as relays at selective locations.

Front End

Https://News.BitShares.Org, (see separate announcement), this website is aligned to similar purposes for a more branded face of BitShares. Finally something the community can use as a ‘base’ for sharing and accessing the latest news and updates around the blockchain. The radio can be a major feature for the website, with a sidebar to show the schedule and now playing.

What about broadcasting/music licensing?

Licenses will need to be funded from the worker budget. Research so far, appears like SoundExchange could be a good option for online radio music streaming. In addition, the usage reporting will need to be configured. More information can be found here. Currently looking into all licensing options including ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, correct licenses will be obtained for the station.

Summary: We will stay legal, most important is a cost effective option to play the widest range of songs. If song content can stay away from recent top 40, this for certain will reduce the budget necessary.

Technological Priorities

The tools available for running an online radio station on Linux based servers are limited, and take some technical effort to engineer fully. Although this complicated technical effort must be put in first, it is finally possible we could run it much like any website content management system.

With some open source tools for managing the schedules etc, BitShares Radio will be accessible from any web browser or mobile device. Not only that, BitShares Radio is to gain the ability for scheduled broadcasts of YOUR show. In order to run the BitShares Radio station, intention is to put up worker(s) to pay for maintaining the station and servers, licenses.

For now you will just see a player appear and hear endless music from the server. Currently loaded up with 6000 .ogg audio files for testing. Enjoy the music, there is an interesting variety there.
Future features

Jukebox functionality being considered, including a ‘pay for play’ feature, which would of course have to be in BTS!

Today we just wanted to share the possibilities with you. Certainly do give the stream some stress testing. Go ahead, crank up your speakers or headphones, and take a listen.

Radio requests


If you have playlists or are a DJ in the BitShares community, we would like to hear from you.