The BitShares Community is excited to partner with the University of Nicosia to present and attend the third annual Decentralized Conference.

“Decentralized 2019” is running from Oct. 30th to Nov. 1st 2019 in Athens, Greece.  Over the past two years, Decentralized has established itself as Europe’s premier conference on blockchain and digital currencies.

This year’s conference will feature 100+ speakers and 1500+ attendees, bringing together the world’s leading business executives and academic experts to debate current trends and future developments.

Building on last year’s participation, BitShares will have a very large presence at Decentralized this year focused on showcasing the success of businesses built on the Bitshares Blockchain in order to inspire you to find out what is possible for your business.

Come see us at our main booth to learn more about the platform and talk to businesses already running on the BitShares Blockchain while attending any of our scheduled presentations.

Some highlights to look forward to:

– BitShares Core Team Development co-ordinator Ryan R. Fox will deliver a keynote speech titled “Becoming sufficiently decentralized”
– OpenLedger ApS will deliver a presentation on “A legally compliant blockchain from permissioned to decentralized”
– EverProve will talk about “Trustless and immutable contract and document certification”
– BitSpark will discuss “Stablecoins usage in remittances”
– BitShares Core Developer Nathan Hourt will present “Bridging the Gap: Creating a Financial Smart Contracting Platform to Take Us Into the Future”

Representing The BitShares Blockchain Foundation (BBF), Mrs. Annemieke Dirkes will moderate a regulatory-themed panel between panelists:

– Jonathan Galea (President of BitMalta – Blockchain regulation advisor to the Maltese government)
– Jaguar Adva Gal (JAG Lawyers)
– Vasileios Bokos (Attorney at Law – Hellenic Parliament consultant)
– Nick Cowan (Managing Director of the Gibraltan Stock Exchange)

The BitShares community itself will be represented by a large number of participants, ranging from investors, voting proxies, block producers and committee members (chain integrity & governance) to back-end and front-end developers. For a more personal meeting we offer private informative sessions at our conference meeting room for you to learn more and find out how the BitShares platform can empower you and your business. Feel free to book a session by contacting us with a few details via email:
decentralized {at}

BitShares also offers you the opportunity to get your tickets to this year’s Decentralized conference with a 50% discount by using our special coupon code: bts50vip

We look forward to meeting you!