Consolidated Marketing and Branding initiatives

Members of the Community have voiced their desire for a better approach in consolidated marketing efforts. We took the initiative in building an improved branded web presence for the website (finally). Included tasks were to properly connect the various major social networks, and a CMS on WordPress to enable more easy moderation across our decentralized ecosystem.


News.BitShares.Org is closely linked to the main website/domain, with a similar look and feel. However it is in fact a complete standalone product. continues as the main formal introduction and information site for BitShares blockchain, with the blog or news link pointing to the new News sub-domain. And that’s not all…

Some of the tasks undertaken:

  • DNS configuration for
  • Additional/Unique IP
  • Registration of social media accounts to match the website for SEO improvements and better online branding.
  • Write-up/Publication of initial 5 articles for better awareness.
  • 6 months agreement between Move Institute and Pattana Media Co., LTD. to push our publications to their local newspapers in Thailand and provide Advertisement space on their website (with translation to Thai through current worker
  • Based on agreement above – this e-magazine is regarded as a ‘Newspaper’ in the Publishing Act B.E. 2550. Pattana Media Co., LTD., Thailand and all its content is protected.

Plans for

There is no intention to make a monopoly or single source of authors for the News. By providing WordPress accounts to different people, we are able to select guest publishers. Managers or workers of the blockchain, 3rd party businesses on top of the blockchain, or anyone else with credibility and sense within our ecosystem – therefore can publish their own news updates or stories to the mutual BitShares Community.

However no ICO promotion or ‘shilling’ will be possible. For instance, there are few rules on publications/writing and most important – ‘BitShares related content only’. Think of it as the decentralized version of a ‘chief editor’ in a newspaper, where your ‘stories’ will have a review before they hit light of our Newspapers.


It’s possible to add an Advertising server at later date. To begin with, there will be no ad space offering to 3rd parties. Any advertisements involved will be from BitShares itself.

We are also discussing Google AdSense as a ‘source of income’ for the blockchain. You should keep in mind it is just discussion for now however, as it would involve fiat income.

Move Institute are working to find a legal and transparent way for funds to be safely returned to the reserve pool as ‘income’. We will update the Community if and when we make any progress.


To enable others, we first provide the tools, a framework, and some principles to follow, such as how to format featured images and article headings. From there it is possible for someone with a good story to tell to begin putting down their content. The idea is there will also be a content manager/final editor to collaborate on polishing the articles to the website standard.

Social Media Accounts for Marketing efforts

Have all been setup and where possible, belonging to BitShares.Org the domain, via email verification. Active social media accounts further enrich the BitShares.Org domain and website SEO. Cross-posting to all of them from the news site will achieve linking fresh content out on the web towards the BitShares.Org main domain. Thereby, growing presence and consolidating more traffic towards BitShares.Org becoming the epicenter of BitShares online marketing activity.

Social media accounts you can follow now are:


*Accounts will grow with more content/publications and more activity. Support BitShares by starting to follow any/all of accounts above

On Social Media Practices

Take for example major celebrities, musicians, brands, etc; they will run a presence across all social media networks reflecting a main website or brand guidelines. You will thus see them as ‘official’ verified accounts. As BitShares has existed and expanded, players have come and gone, but the story remained the same. Our lack of an “official” presence and a bit more centralized style management has subsequently caused past damage to the brand and reputation. Unfortunately, being free to take a brand without copyright and say whatever you want about it – a big no no, and its about to change.

Above all, change is coming with