BitShares Severely Underrated? (March 2019)

BitShares magazine cover design by Gokhshtein

Presented with their own graphics design and layout, Gokhshtein made a comprehensive review piece on BitShares in a magazine format. Available as a standalone print supplement, it is therefore ideal as a handout for example at conferences and expos. Questions were written by the Gokhshtein team, consequently answers and complete review were provided by Fabian Schuh and Stefan Schießl from Blockchain Projects BV. Gokhshtein is a blockchain and cryptocurrency magazine that just recently launched.

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Available as a BitShares magazine print version e.g. at Boston BUIDL Hackathon, and 2050 conference. Here’s a couple of the Twitter posts.

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English Featured – BitShares Severely Underrated?
Chinese Featured – BitShares Severely Underrated?

BitShares: A fully decentralized platform & community (February 2019)

Article on Fortune Jack website
BitShares article on ‘FortuneJack’

LordCatoshi (Telegram @Kattenkoning), provided the questions, with answers and review consequently followed up by BitShares experts Fabian Schuh and Stefan Schießl from Blockchain Projects BV. Special thanks to goes to CryptoKong (Telegram @Cryptokong123) from the DEXBot team for taking initiative in establishing the contact, as a result of which this article could happen.

Fortune Jack Article

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Perhaps you would like to have a technology piece about BitShares written for your magazine or website? Likewise if you are in touch with media outlets, we’d like to hear from you . The community are constantly seeking better ways of spreading the word so others find out about the BitShares platform. Further opportunity exists for more solid marketing efforts. Content could be in the form of new or updated reviews on external websites, or in printed form such as magazine articles or supplements. BitShares is a ‘Decentralized Autonomous Cooporation’ and as a result there is no central office or dedicated marketing team. It is therefore up to initiatives such as seen in this article to spread the word. Community members that would therefore like to know how they can get involved further can see the BitShares marketing worker.