BitShares Hangouts are making a return!

One of the main reasons we launched a BitShares radio station is it will enable listeners to tune-in to live or replay hangouts just by visiting the site. Hangouts can stream live direct to the station, and also scheduled for replays in the week, providing interesting talk and educational content for visitors.

Host and guests will be picked from current workers on the BitShares Blockchain. The BitShares Hangouts will strive to follow a professional approach. Guests from running worker proposals will come to present progress, and then field questions from community. The host will be knowledgeable to hold the discussion. We will also provide room for a more general hangout at the end of the show. Do you have some more ideas for shows on the radio station? Then we look forward hearing from you about them also.

The BitShares Hangouts format will be an 90 minute online ‘talk show’ with allocated time slots per topic presentation and discussion.

Listen to the test stream – Music non-stop!

Tune in to to help test out the streaming before the first Hangout goes live. Currently you’ll get to hear a 6000 song music playlist! Read more about BitShares Radio. Even more music is being added to the station and organized into playlists by genre/DJ.