There’s been plenty of activity happening in the community as a result of a more consolidated approach to marketing. Today we bring you information on all the awesome BitShares events lined up for 2019 (plus one more returning in 2020!).

North American BitShares conference

Vegas World CryptoCon (WCC) 2019

The originally planned North American BitShares conference has subsequently been combined as a sponsored package around the World Cryptocurrency Convention (WCC) taking place in Las Vegas this October. This will be a huge event, in brief it will gather people from multiple disciplines and attracting notable sponsors for the ‘Vegas Blockchain Week’, where BitShares will be exposed to an audience spanning the entire industry.

Schedule for late October 2019:

27th – 28th – The North American BitShares Conference
29th – 31st – World Crypto Con – Las Vegas
30th – 31st – WCC DEVCON

You can read more on the Event website which as a result of the sponsorship already has a BitShares section and logo. Peruse the worker details and join in the conversation on the BitShares Talk forum.

World map showing attendance split 57% NA, 5% SA, 18% EU, 14% Asia.

See the tweet below. Most importantly, follow the link to cast your vote on who should speak on behalf of all BTS stakeholders at this huge upcoming event!


The University of Nicosia presents the 3rd annual Decentralized Conference, which will take place in Athens, Greece, on 30 October – 1 November, 2019. Decentralized has established itself as Europe’s premier conference on blockchain and digital currencies. Decentralized 2019 will bring together world leading business executives and academic experts to debate current trends and future developments across three conference tracks: Pre-conference workshops, Business/Technology, and Academic. (source: event overview)

BitShares had a great success with this major European event in 2018, and therefore decided by stakeholder consensus to take on a comprehensive package in 2019 as a premium sponsor. The worker proposal was thus launched to fund a number of marketing activities in alliance with the organizers. Check out the BitShares mention here, for example: DECENTRALIZED 2019: The ‘Father’ of Blockchain to present at Athens Conference

Event organizers tweet about BitShares sponsorship

SteemFest Bangkok

steemfest website

View the active worker details here

Sponsorship at the previous 3 editions of this event was a great success, thus BitShares will again join in to support our Graphene sister chain for STEEM FEST 2019. In short, the event schedule has been lined up for Bangkok, Thailand, this November. The full program will consist of two conference days, multiple social events, tourist explorations, and additionally a closing dinner on Sunday 10 November.

Check out the Steemfest website for more information in the meantime.

Last but not least – BitFest will return!

bitfest 2018 logo

Following a successful event in 2018, BitFest is taking a break in 2019. Organized by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation (BBF) and Blockchain Projects BV, the event gathers together enthusiasts of Graphene, BitShares and blockchain in general. We checked with the key people, and they have consequently informed us that BitFest will be back in 2020! Look out for announcements here and on other media channels in the coming months.

BitShares event 'BitFest' participants from the 2018 Amsterdam gathering.
BitFest 2018 (source)