Following on from the previous post about BitShares Core 3.0 major release, there is a rash of new fixes and features right now for version 3.3.0. The last version 3.2.1 patch was released last month, details of which are on GitHub. In the below we take a look at what’s in the latest release candidate.

From the BitShares Core 3.3.0 release notes:

“The Core software is used to build the validation nodes that perform consensus of all transactions on the BitShares blockchain. This release includes additions and improvements but does not include any changes to the consensus protocol.

You can check out the source – draft release notes here or simply read the summary explanations we’ve put together below.

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What’s new in 3.3.0?

The release brings some much needed upgrades to existing features, even better performance, and extensions to new features such as HTLC. It is being recommended for both API and developer node operators, and the block producers (DPoS ‘Witnesses‘) which validate the network transactions.

API node operators will now be able to support clients that wish to:

Screenshot of the 'kibana' app example ElasticSearch interface for the BitShares blockchain
ElasticSearch example (source)

ElasticSearch and Witness node operators take note

Operators of ElasticSearch nodes can upgrade to get support for Get operation by ID and serving get_account_history API.

Block producing nodes will benefit from being able to accept private key from a file.

All node operators will benefit from performance improvements (1764, 1875) and improved behavior when restarting a node (1832).

Users of the command line interface wallet (CLI) will benefit from the ability to sign messages on behalf of their account (1878).

All Features and Functionality in BitShares Core 3.3.0

The changes for 3.3.0 Feature Release are summarized below.


DescriptionIssue NumberPull Request
Track total amount in collateral 1089, 1781,
1836, 1889, 1894
Add get_htlcs API17131849
Add optional auto-subscription
parameters to APIs: get_objects,
get_assets and get_htlc
ES Plugin:
Get operation by ID; support
get_account_history API

New Node Functionality in 3.3.0

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Suppress p2p logs9781875
Witness node switch to correct fork on restart
if was shut down on another long fork
Remove seed node with missing DNS record1879

Node Plug-in fixes

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Fix market ticker volume underflow issue18831885, 1933
Witness node accepts block signing keys from file1812

Command Line Interface Wallet (CLI)

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Add sign_message command to cli_wallet1878

Software Design

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Put seed nodes into separate file1809
Add htlc parameters to developer genesis1833
Refactor CLI register_account and
create_account_with_private_key commands, remove duplicate code
Database_api code refactoring1891, 1920
Clean up FC, support native 128-bit integers998, 1584, 1660,18161789, 1917, 1927, FC-137, FC-140
Fix optional API argument bug1898FC-145, FC-146, 1912

Where to learn more about the BitShares Core software

  • Users documentation: How BitShares Works
  • Developer documentation: On the new BitShares Developer Portal
  • Previous release information including 3.2.0 on July 17th see

Source of this article was taken from the release candidate notes which you can also find on GitHub here.