Below is a transcript from GitHub detailing the information on this major release upgrade to the BitShares core 3.0 software release. Keep up to date with essential updates and when to upgrade notices on the BitShares News homepage.

What’s New


  • MCR Bugfix: Resolves a bug where the call price is inconsistent when the maintenance collateral ratio (MCR) was modified
  • Max Supply: Resolves a bug that could cause supply to grow beyond the intended maximum supply level.
  • Oversized Transactions: Resolves a bug that could allow transactions beyond the size limit.
  • Account Permission Bugfix: Resolves a bug that under certain circumstances a transaction signed by owner key of an account would be rejected

Where to Learn More

Who Should Update

  • All validation node operators are encouraged to upgrade prior to Protocol Activation: 23 APR 2019 14:02 UTC as this is a consensus protocol impacting release
  • All BTS token holders are encouraged to review this release, then vote to support block producers signaling their intention to upgrade prior to protocol activation

How to Update


  • All validation nodes must complete their upgrade prior to Protocol Activation: 23 APR 2019 14:02 UTC
  • blockchain replay will automatically be performed after the validation node software is restarted. This typically takes 90 minutes on a modern CPU

Obtain the Source Code

Build the Binaries

The binaries may be built by using your pre-existing process, or by following the standard instructions that can be found in the wiki:

Deploy the Binaries

Your standard process for deploying the node software may be used. No additional requirements or precautions will be required to deploy the new release.

Obtain the Docker Image

The latest Docker image may be found at BitShares Core Docker page and updated with:

docker pull bitshares/bitshares-core


Binaries of the command line interface (CLI) wallet, node software, and delayed node are pre-built and available for download.

PlatformSHA256 Checksum
Microsoft Windows97559647e099c3768565f50cb5f43b0956afa6fd371b442aabdfb6e9acb62cb3


A summary of the tasks contained within Protocol Upgrade Release (3.0.0) follows:

Core Functionality

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Borrowing MPAs ignores max_supply setting14651498
Call price is inconsistent when MCR changed1270,14231324,1469,1493
Distribute Asset Market Fees to Referral Program (BSIP-43)12681419
Hashed Time-Locked Contract (BSIP-44)BSIPS 1031370,1475,1535,1538
Prevent oversized transactions15731624
Account permission bugfix5841259

Build Process

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Build fails on macOS due to size_t15901589

Release Contributors

@ryanRfox Assets5 BitShares-Core-3.0.0-Linux-cli-tools.tar.gz52.3 MB BitShares-Core-3.0.0-macOS-cli-tools.tar.gz46.4 MB BitShares-Core-3.0.0-Windows-x64-cli-tools.zip41.3 MB Source code(zip)Source code(tar.gz)

Article Source: GitHub