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Author: Ross Walker


BitShares DEX MM/trading contest begins(25 October)

BitShares DEX trading contest: Put up orders in the BitShares DEX to earn 60,000 BTS each day! The market making contest will start on 25th Oct. 2019 More details are here: Rewards Up to 60,000 BTS every day. Funding by the committee. Start Date 2019-10-25 0:00:00 UTCEnd date not…


Decentralized 2019 Partnership – Worker Review

Decentralized 2019: 30 Oct – 1 Nov in Athens, Greece. Powered by BitShares and the University of Nicosia. Organizing, sponsoring or partnering for events are all possible ways BitShares workers can receive backing to better promote the network. They are to be considered as corporate style marketing exercises aimed at…

BitShares UI

BitShares UI – Worker Review

This review of the BitShares UI worker is part of a series of articles delving into major BitShares workers. For a more in-depth understanding of what it means when we say ‘worker’, please see the separate article ‘How workers work’ … (Coming Soon) – Until then, you can also read…

ZBG Featured image
BitShares adds BTS and bitCNY pairs

Announced earlier via twitter and their website, ZBG adds BTS and bitCNY to their exchange. The premium sub-brand of now has BTS/USDT and bitCNY/QC available for trading. ZBG is a flagship product and sole sub-brand launched in 2018 by, itself 5 years in operation. What differentiates ZBG from…


BitShares Events in 2019/2020

There’s been plenty of activity happening in the community as a result of a more consolidated approach to marketing. Today we bring you information on all the awesome BitShares events lined up for 2019 (plus one more returning in 2020!). Vegas World CryptoCon (WCC) 2019 The originally planned North American… 2019-2021. BitShares, and any associated logos are trademarks, service marks, and/or registered trademarks of Move Institute, Slovenia.