BitShares Community is excited to announce the event of listing the BitShares core token on a new exchange as Pionex lists BTS.

The Pionex centralized exchange is registered in Singapore. It is the first aggregated exchange that combines liquidity from external order books as well (currently Binance and Huobi) and offers built-in Trading Bot strategies (e.g. Grid Trading, Trailing Take Profit and TWAP). Those are integrated into their user interface and easily usable, either using Pionex AI Strategy, or by manual configuration. Just like with all trading bots, and especially centralized ones: Use at your own risk, and profit is not guaranteed!

Pionex website

Talking to Mario Liu from the BitUniverse Team (the company behind Pionex) about Pionex lists BTS, we revealed the following: “By offering aggregated liquidity as a new concept and rapid expansion, not all tokens are directly available for deposit and withdrawal, just like it is in the case of BTS. In order to hold BTS on Pionex, you need to deposit one of the tokens that are available, and then trade into BTS.

The “I owe you” BTS token inside of Pionex can be considered backed by the promise of the Pionex Team holding the respective amount on one of their aggregated exchanges.